Telecommunications, Media & IT


Telecommunications, Media & IT

The firm offers cutting-edge regulatory and industry insights into every matter in the interlinked fields of telecommunications, media, and technology. Our lawyers are in touch with these industries on a daily basis which enables them to stay on top of technical, business and legal developments.

We have vast experience in advising established telecommunication network operators, broadband providers, mobile operators, broadcasters, and media companies.

Our expertise covers all aspects of domestic and EU telecommunications regulation including access, interconnection, numbering, licensing and spectrum and data protection. Particularly notable is our experience with the application of competition law in this sector. When facing issues that are either distinctly regulatory or related to transactions, litigation, intellectual property or a mix of several practice areas, the clients benefit from our in-depth knowledge of the industry that enables us to serve their strategic interests.

In the field of media law, we regularly advise broadcasting and media companies with respect to all regulatory and intellectual property issues as well as commercial contracts. The firm has marked experience in media litigation, in particular with respect to the internet, social and print media.

Our telecommunication, media and technology sector clients rely on us for representation before the Slovenian Communication networks and services Agency, other administrative bodies, and the courts.

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