Public Procurement

public procurement

Public procurement and Government Contracts

Businesses that offer goods and services to the government are faced with the complex and ever-evolving system of national and EU legislation designed to implement a broad range of public policy objectives. Our firm offers comprehensive service with respect to all types of government contracts, public procurement procedures and public-private partnerships.

We assist and counsel clients throughout the entire life-cycle of government contracting, namely:

  • preparation of bids,
  • negotiations and conclusion of contracts,
  • enforcement of the contractual rights and obligations,
  • scrutiny of the of non-compliance with public procurement and public private partnership rules,
  • appeals, dispute resolution and litigation.

We help our clients seize all the opportunities and resolve any challenges associated with doing business with the state, cost-cutting, risk mitigation in order to provide them with the best possible advantage in public procurement transactions and disputes.

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